We Ride For Those Who Died


Once a member has paid their non-refundable registration fee,  they are committed to fundraising a minimum of $2050. The registration fee is not included in the $2100.  We in turn commit on your behalf to donate the $1000 to the National Law Enforcement Memorial.

Participants raise money in a variety of ways. Members can personalize their  individual online fundraising page via their online fundraising page. Promoting your online fundraising page via social media and email can be very effective. Corporations, police organizations/associations, family, and friends are good sources for donations. In the past, members have hosted fundraising events at restaurants (some will donate a percentage of sales), at entertainment events (where a percentage of tickets sales will be donated), or by organizing dinner/auction events.  Should you create an outside fundraising page, such as “Firstgiving” please ensure the you have selected our chapter as the recipient donor.  Any other designated nonprofit will not be transferable to us, therefore, you will not receive credit.  Some members create and sell customized items (t-shirts, mugs, water bottles, jerseys, etc.). Items may also be sold at our Team meetings. Use of the Police Unity Tour Logo must be reviewed and approved  by the Chapter President.  Please follow our Police Unity Tour Logo use policy – Logo-Guidlines.

We understand due to unforeseen circumstances a member may have to drop due to injury, family illness, etc. Funds/donations raised will automatically be placed towards our additional costs.  Donations are non transferable or are able to be placed towards future tours.  Notification of the cancellation will need to be in written form via email to Terie at socalputdonations@icloud.com.  You will need an email confirmation that your cancellation has been received, otherwise, you will be responsible for the full amount.

Please contact Terie at socalputdonations@icloud.com for any questions regarding fundraising or donations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I have $50 extra on my account, may I give that to another rider?
Answer: No.  There are no “extra” funds.  As a fundraiser, a rider raises a minimum $2100.  Additional fundraising/donations are placed towards breakfast costs, luggage and bike mechanic costs.   These additional funds help offset these costs so that we do not pass on the costs to the member.

Question: If my donors company provides a matching donation, but it will not arrive until after the tour dates, may I receive a credit?
Answer: It will depend on the company. We can only credit what we receive.  Corporations normally provide quarterly payouts.  If you receive the donation in March, their matching donation dispersal will not be completed until the end of their quarter.  A donation in March is generally received between May and June.  Please contact the donation coordinator with any questions.  Some corporations have a long standing dependability and the Donation Coordinator may make an exception.

Question: I am holding a fundraiser, but the location venue is asking for a W-9?
Please contact the donation coordinator for the latest W-9 form.

Question: I am selling Police Unity Tour T-shirts, but only at my local agency?  Is that okay?
Please email the Chapter President for review and approval of the Police Unity Tour logo.  Our logo must abide by our guidelines.  Inappropriate use is prohibited.  Please review below listed Logo Guidelines.

Question: I have a large (check) donation, can I split that donation between myself and another rider?
Yes. Just specify how you wish the donation to be dispersed.  A tax receipt will be generated for the full amount to your donor.

Question: I have a large (online) donation, can I split that donation between myself and another rider?
It depends and maybe.  We do not have the capability to split an online donation.  However, with prior approval and once you have completed your fundraising, the donation coordinator, at their discretion, can do a one time credit to another rider.  The credited amount will be deducted from your fundraising.

Question: I am team fundraising with other officers in my agency.  How do we fund raise together?
Answer: Please let the donation coordinator know who you are team fundraising with.  Keep in mind, all team members still need to abide by all individual fund due dates.  NEW members are still responsible to fundraise their $750 minimum by December 1st, regardless if they are team fundraising.  Returning members must have a minimum of $750 by January 15th, 2024.

Question: What happens if the Pandemic is still going on and I cancel. Do my funds carry over to the following year?
The past two years have been a challenging time for all.  The Tour, just as the entire country has had to adapt to ever changing rules and regulations.   With that said,  the Memorial is an ongoing fundraising event.  Funds of past years have gone towards the Memorial’s current restoration by adding 24″ of additional limestone wall.  When a member commits to fundraise, their donors are contributing to towards the  Police Unity Tour’s mission of raising funds  for the NLEOMF and funds will be forwarded accordingly, not as a rider credit.  It is not our intent to cancel any event unless forced to cancel due to circumstances entirely out of our control.  If you are uncomfortable participating, we truly understand your concern and hope to see you in 2023.

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